Vincent Gagliostro’s Deleted Scenes (7) Verboten) Show at NeC Gallery

Posted on December 16, 2006


by eye prefer paris

Vincent Gagliostro’s, Deleted Scenes (7) Verboten exhibit of photographs at NeC Gallery explores the predatory nature of the artist’s eye, in this case, exploitive, vulnerable, and obsessively attracted to the promise of beauty.

Gagliostro, a former New Yorker now living in Paris, is an artist, filmmaker and graphic designer. On vacation in Munich in 2004, for him, the beautiful boys on the streets of Munich, became Munich, and with that, began a sort of propositioning of them with his camera. The result is a an arresting series of color and black & white photographs sensing the voyeuristic nature of the artist.

NeC Gallery started by Alain Chiglien (French) and Roger Nilsson (Swedish) in 2001, is a unique gallery that combines contemporary art and mid-century furniture, located in the chic northern part of the Marais.

Deleted Scenes (7) Verboten
Galerie NeC (Nilsson & Chiglien)
117 rue Vielle de Temple, 75003
Monday- Saturday 11AM-7: 30PM
Through January 7th, 2007
Tel 01 42 77 88 83
Metro: Filles du Calvaire

Watch the video that accompanies the show

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