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Kickstarting Tom’s Caravanserai project

September 7, 2010


Some of you enjoyed a recent post about Tom’s photographs of Caravanserai through Syria, Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East. He is now working on a book and additional exhibitions, with a comprehensive show coming up at Art Lounge gallery in Beirut. You can support Tom’s book project with a small (or large) […]

A painter’s little secret: interview

April 18, 2010


It’s been quiet on the interview front at Shortcut, but here’s a special treat: I’ve talked childhood friend Linda Heydegger into letting me interview her about her work as a painter and showcase some of her pieces in digital form on the site. Linda’s been painting and drawing since i first met her at age […]

Snapshots: Caravanserai by Tom Schutyser

July 2, 2009


Keep an eye out for Tom Schutyser‘s Caravanserais photographs, recently exhibited in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture. Tom has travelled extensively through the Middle East and Asia and was drawn to document the caravanserais he encountered along the trail of the ancient Silk road from Iran to China. Tom is now working on a book […]

London: Roller derby to James Bond chase scene – it’s your playground

February 22, 2007


by jnoelbell For all its great history, sometimes London can be very… well, traditional. And sometimes, you just want to shake loose and do something a little different, explore (or create!) a new niche in an old city full of old things. With spring creeping around the corner, here are three offbeat activities to try, […]

Copenhagen: Digging into the underground music scene

February 13, 2007


by tim anderson Digging deeply into Copenhagen’s underground electronic music scene has its rewards. It also has its challenges, since though it’s out there, its extent is relatively limited – particularly the further below the surface you try to get. Please forgive the grainy low-quality mobile phone pictures, though poor, they do capture the atmosphere […]

Paris: East meets West

February 2, 2007


by eye prefer paris I strolled over the Ile St. Louis to the Arab Institute to see the Venise et l’Orient exhibit. I’ve been intrigued by the exotic and inviting poster that’s been on the metro and the streets of Paris in the last few months. I thought a Tuesday in January would be a […]

Madrid: Hairdresser’s daughter does good (again)

February 1, 2007


by ben curtis Speaking of Spanish film (the post on nudity in Spanish cinema is the most commented on in a long time!), it seems Penelope Cruz has been nominated for Best Female Actress in the next Oscars, for her role in the excellent (and bizzarely not nominated) Volver. I find it strange that a […]