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Reykjavík: Life just feels happier here

February 3, 2007


by jared bibler I met with NPR’s Eric Weiner again last week after work, for a follow-up interview on happiness in the Land. He’s not doing a radio bit on this, but he is coming out with a book on the happiest countries (and he wants you to buy it!).

Madrid: Nudity in Spanish cinema

January 31, 2007


by ben curtis The other night I was speaking with Marina and a friend, Yolanda, about Spanish films and, in particular, the classic Jamon Jamon. Yolanda thought that it really went for the dark side of Spanish life (whorehouses, amateur bull taunting, violence), and Marina commented that Penelope Cruz, then 16, portrayed a strongly sexual […]

Copenhagen: A European paradise?

January 30, 2007


by tim anderson I’ve been running my own blog, The Copenhagen Report, for the past two years now, but as this is my first article for Shortcut, I'll back up and give a short introduction to the city I now call home.

Reykjavik: Water Polo

October 11, 2006


by jared bibler 

Iceland has one of everything, and that includes a water polo club. Invited by a couple of friends, I went on Wednesday night to my first practice. It's held at the indoor pool at Laugardalslaug three times a week.

Normally, I'm told, the practice opens with swimming warmups and then a water polo game at the end.

Naples: In My Former Life I was New and Shiny

April 27, 2006


  by tracie branch  These 3 little vespas, it appears, have resigned to their broken fate of life on the mean streets of Napoli.  

berlin: harbingers

April 4, 2006


by michael scott moore  Every year, spring in Berlin seems to arrive during a mutually-agreed-on week, when restaurants and bars decide (maybe in secret committee) that it’s now "warm enough" to put tables and chairs back on the sidewalk and relievethe people of their great winter deprivation — the near-total lack of places to smoke […]

berlin: fernsehturm as soccer ball

March 28, 2006


by michael scott moore The company that owns Berlin’s TV tower, Deutsche Telekom, has been patching over the Communist-era Sputnik globe with a white-and-magenta soccer ball design. I think it’s sacriligious kitsch, but I don’t own the tower. Deutsche Telekom presumably thinks they’ll get free advertising during the World Cup, when newscasters all over the […]