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Berlin: Some like it hot

July 24, 2006


  by michael scott moore  You, wherever you are, might think you’re having a heat wave. But Berlin has been like a Swedish sauna for two weeks. It’s hard to believe this place ever gets cold. I’ll admit London may be worse ("The London underground system, the oldest in the world, was a furnace on […]

Berlin: Concrete Balls?

July 12, 2006


            Fabrica blog reports on a less savory aspect of football mania: Mark Frauenfelder: Two men were arrested in Berlin on suspicion of filling soccer balls with concrete and then placing them in public areas with signs encouraging people to kick the balls. Police said they had identified a 26-year-old […]

Berlin: Mama Mia!

July 7, 2006


by michael scott moore  The first goal Italy scored last night, in late overtime, happened so fast that most of the crowd on Zionskirchstrasse failed to notice. But it was like the shot that killed the President. "Why’s that Italian player celebrating? Oh God –" All of Berlin fell silent, I think, except for some […]

Berlin: Americanizing Europe

June 27, 2006


by michael scott moore This may look to American readers like a soccer stadium. Maybe even one of those massive sports and music venues that go by pompous classical names in the US — “Forum,” “Coliseum” — when they’re not named after office-supply-store chains. In fact, as Berlin readers already know, it’s just the Adidas […]

Berlin: A Day at the Races

June 21, 2006



by michael scott moore

Hoppegarten on the outskirts of Berlin has cut-rate horse racing every several weeks in the summer, and today, on an all-blogger field trip that included Ed Ward and Bowleserised, I won just about enough for a cup of coffee. Ed remembers Hoppegarten from the days when it was virtually still a DDR track, and Bowleserised is a horse expert.

All I could do was nod my head. In my triumphant fourth race, Romantic Man pulled ahead of River Woods to surprise everyone and hand me a winning ticket; but here I think we're watching Pushy Guest shove in front of Tassilio and Miss Anita for a Sieg in the second. The track has its own stud farm, and most of the horses are local, although some come from Poland and Sweden and even the United States.

Photo Credit: Spurlos

Berlin: Summer Hot Dogs

June 16, 2006



by michael scott moore

We seem to have fallen off the wagon with our summer hot dog series here at Radio Free Mike, but don't worry. Here's another Mr. Miller stand in Berlin, blocks away from the first one, and even closer to the sexually ambiguous Fiberglas hot dog on Kastanienallee. One Radio Free Mike commenter has previously noted the disturbing Mr. Miller motto, "Eat Here, Diet Home" -- clearly visible in this photo. Smithsonian argues that hot dogs are quintessentially American, but has no idea where the name comes from:

Berlin: The right word for the game

June 9, 2006


                  by michael scott moore  The World Cup starts in Munich today, and Spiegel Online has a little something about the proper name for "football." It’s not what you think.