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Paris: Top 5 Things to Do in December

December 18, 2006


by eye prefer paris Here’s my Top 5, Eye Need To Do’s this month: 1. Doisneau: Paris en Liberté Robert Doisneau’s “The Kiss at Hotel De Ville” is one of the most iconic and popular photos of Paris ever taken. A new exhibition of 280 of his black and white photos of Paris cityscapes is […]

London: Street Art

August 24, 2006


  From the Urban Europe Flickr Pool. Thanks to Dina Fainberg for posting.  

Snapshots: Sandra’s Stockholm

May 24, 2006


  Meet Sandra. A hobby photographer with an eye-catching flair for colour.A Swede who likes Stockholm best when it’s far away.A creative with a penchant for knitting and flirting. We discovered Sandra on Flickr and immediately asked if we could showcase her startling snapshots of an off-kilter, strangely twisted Stockholm. Check the gallery and keep […]

snapshots: larscapes

March 14, 2006


Photoblogger Lars Mathiassen has an eye for urban moods. After spending years in the US, he returned to Europe and decided to spend less of his life in front of computers and more of it taking note of his surroundings. The result: an urban photolog. A selection of his city impressions is on display in […]

got a picture?

March 10, 2006


calling all photobloggers – join our flickr group urban europe and post your best shots of city life in Europe. We’re always on the lookout for unusual pictures that show something no one else has captured – and we’ll dip into the photo pool to find little gems to post on the site alongside the […]

vitriolica’s portugal

February 11, 2006


yes! we’ve snagged bloggies 2006 finalist vitriolica webb and convinced her to take a break from advocating dungarees and strut her drawings on shortcut. the results are in snapshots, so go and take a wild ride through a slice of Portuguese life…  

cartoon file: morten

February 5, 2006


Morten’s adventures continue: Check out the new installment "morten’s confession". You can catch up on previous episodes of morten the melancholy morning host here. the morten cartoons are created by xander mellish; visit her website for more illustrations and stories.