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A painter’s little secret: interview

April 18, 2010


It’s been quiet on the interview front at Shortcut, but here’s a special treat: I’ve talked childhood friend Linda Heydegger into letting me interview her about her work as a painter and showcase some of her pieces in digital form on the site. Linda’s been painting and drawing since i first met her at age […]

Citizen Graham: Tales of a Journalist

September 21, 2006


  Shortcut talks to Graham Holliday, journalist and (food) blogger You recently attended the WE MEDIA conference in London – what was your impression of the event? What did you think of the interaction between traditional media representatives and bloggers? What interaction between old media and bloggers? Was there any? Not much that I can […]

Citizen Fernando: From East Timor to Berlin

July 11, 2006


  shortcut talks to fernando couto, graphic designer and berliner A Portuguese graphic designer living in Berlin – how did that particular combination happen?Well, it is the result of chance, actually. In 2002 my wife received a ten-month scholarship to study here at the University of the Arts. She came and I stayed back in […]

Citizen Ann: New Media Girl

June 1, 2006


  shortcut talks to ann poochareon, all around new media girl How did a Thai girl get involved with European giant Benetton? It’s a bit of story, but in a nutshell:  after I finished graduate school (Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York University), I was lucky enough to be selected as part of a team from […]

Citizen Tina: Diving Into the Arts

May 16, 2006


shortcut talks to tina smrekar, visual artist and fulltime snorkeler in the fabulous worlds of art, film and music. You’re doing a worldwide project on visual artists’ living conditions – how did you get started on this topic? It was the situation I found myself in after finishing my studies as an artist and wanting […]

Citizen Madhav: Travels with an Engineer

April 27, 2006


shortcut talks to madhav kakani, chemical engineer and world citizen Let’s start with the serious stuff  –  we know what Danes think about the cartoon crisis, we know whatAmericans think by and large, and we certainly know what the Arab world thinks of it. You’re an Indian living in Copenhagen, what is your take on […]

Citizen Ben: Notes from Spain

April 11, 2006


shortcut talks to ben curtis, podcaster and spain aficionado. TRAVEL TALES: Ben has penned a book on his experience of moving to Spain and making himself at home there. Read about house buying, inlaws and the most beautiful street in the world here. What was your image of Spain before arriving there? Lives punctuated by […]