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August 7, 2007


Amsterdam International Fashion Week, the home of Dutch fashion was finally back last week !! Over 100 designers took their latest looks to the catwalk ! Amsterdam is really growing as a Fashion Business Capital. Trade Fairs Showroom and Mode Fabriek attract over 20.000 professional buyers from Holland and abroad. Amsterdam International Fashion Week was founded in 2004, as an initiative to put Amsterdam on the map as a vibrant and inspiring destination for fashion.

Madrid: Nudity in Spanish cinema

January 31, 2007


by ben curtis The other night I was speaking with Marina and a friend, Yolanda, about Spanish films and, in particular, the classic Jamon Jamon. Yolanda thought that it really went for the dark side of Spanish life (whorehouses, amateur bull taunting, violence), and Marina commented that Penelope Cruz, then 16, portrayed a strongly sexual […]

Amsterdam: Who wants to be a millionaire?

January 4, 2007


by sara bertoni

The Millionaire Fair is THE event in Amsterdam. The organizers shocked the Netherlands in 2002 by organizing an event unparalleled in luxury and size. 'A fairytale for the affluent, a cornucopia for culinary fans and a feast of superlatives', said the press.

Initiator Gijrath Media Groep, publisher of Miljonair Magazine, launched the idea for the Millionaire Fair on the basic theme of their magazine: 'The Luxury Lifestyle’ – and in 2003 the fair quadrupled in terms of size and numbers of visitors, this year over 40.000 with 210 exhibitors/participants.

For Dutch high-society members, the VIP night of the Millionaire Fair Amsterdam has become the most important event of the year, tickets over 300 euros, if you want to be with the stars.

Madrid: What every girl wants for Christmas

December 7, 2006


by almendro 

We first noticed them a couple of years ago. Calf-high, low-heeled (no heeled, really), lace-up horrors masquerading as women’s footwear. Suddenly, they were everywhere, filling scores of shop windows with their hideousness, marring the lower extremities of nearly every female under 40. Somehow, wrestling boots had become hip.

Paris: Fabrica: Five day to fabulous

November 10, 2006


by sam baron As a part of the Fabrica exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Fabrica Design Department created a temporary¬† store that will only last for five months. The store is a project exploring the process of creating a retail space using materials and local resources. Where is all this taking place? […]

Paris: Valley of the Dolls

October 9, 2006



by eye prefer paris 

Walking through Galeries Lafayette today, I stumbled on Christian Dior, John Galliano, Kenzo, Christian Lacroix, Valentino, Versace couture fashions, but they were adorning big-eyed Blythe dolls.

Shortcut on Global Chic

August 24, 2006


Shortcut is featured with two articles on relaunched fashion site Fashion Tribes. Have a look. If you’ve landed on Shortcut via Fashion Tribes, welcome and take some time to browse by city or topic. A few choice (fashion) nuggets for new readers: The Ladies’ Shopping Guide (to Europe)  Rick Owens opens in Paris  Copenhagen: New […]

Paris: Rick Owens Opens at Palais Royal

August 23, 2006


Break the piggy bank. Rick Owens, the Paris-based designer originally from Los Angeles, has quietly opened up a boutique at Palais Royal (130 Galerie de Valois). The space is both stark and cozy, with clothing hanging from simple metal racks, walls damaged with imperfections, and the flat carpet spotted and faded. Dark felt, one of the designer’s favorite materials, covers one wall, and pieces of chunky furniture he also designs fill out the store.

Berlin: Irresistibly Beautiful Armpits

August 8, 2006



by michael scott moore

This is a deodorant ad in Berlin. The caption means (yes) "Irresistibly Beautiful Armpits."

For me armpits have never been much of a thing, but I have noticed a distinct change in European women's shaving habits since the Wall fell. When I was in Germany and France and Spain at the end of the 80s you could still make a joke about riding public transportation and being shocked -- shocked! -- by the masculine underarm hair on otherwise stunning continental women.

Stockholm: Extreme Makeover for City Busses

August 3, 2006



by schlockholm - the stockholm blog 

So this is how Stockholm’s buses might well look in the future! 

Well, that’s if the bus boffins have their way. Today sees the publication of “European Bus of the Future” in Brussels.

This is the result of a five-year in-depth reflection on bus functionalities led by a European think tank composed of eight major operators and organising authorities from five European countries, including Connex, who have the, er, privilege of running Stockholm’s bus service.