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Copenhagen: Ice cream to queue for

April 18, 2007


by tim anderson On pretty much any hot and sunny day in Copenhagen (in fact, it doesn’t really need to be that hot, just sunny), at certain hours of the day you’ll find queues like it was a supermarket twenty-five years ago in Eastern Europe suffering a food shortage. Alas, it’s not a shortage of […]

Napoli: The (not-so) weekly wino

February 4, 2007


tracy b.currently reports from Ischia As the cool has settled in and the summer’s sweaty nights are long gone, my affection for wine has left white and turned as red as the leaves on the vines. My cravings for fish having been well-satisfied with the abundance of the sea on the table here in Southern […]

London: How to get fit and fag free

January 2, 2007


by jnoelbell

It's that time of year again, when we drag out and dust off all the old resolutions - you know, the ones you made 365 days ago, with all the best of intentions?

If you're like most people, those resolutions fall into one of the top two categories: quitting smoking or losing weight. Living in London is unhealthy enough - why not take advantage of some resources to help you be fag-free and fitter for the coming year? Here are some ideas:

London: Gifts that keep on giving

December 19, 2006


by jnoelbell 

If you're in the market for a more ethical way to part with your pounds, here are a few ideas to help you feel better about buying into the seasonal spending spree.

Why not invest in a Wedge Card? Their motto is "Think local. Shop local." For just £20 you get the satisfaction of knowing you're supporting local businesses, yet the bonus of a whole range of discounts and special offers that sweeten the deal. Each card is good for a year, and with an ever-growing network of shops and services from all over London, it's a gift that keeps on giving.

London: Christmas is coming…

December 8, 2006


by jnoelbell It’s a well worn cliché, but there really is something magical which settles over London at the holidays. During the rest of the year, the urban qualities of a large city are characteristics you either love or hate: the throngs of cityfolk, the non-stop lifestyle, the concrete buildings, the public transportation, the touristy […]

Copenhagen: A month of hangovers

December 6, 2006



by sabine behrman 

December in Denmark a time of endless celebration - and therefore of hangovers, too. One of the reasons for all these parties is the monochronic approach to time, typical for these parts of Europe.

The Danes call them "Christmas lunches" - they usually take place in the evening, and food and drink are very important here, just as tradition. The pickled herring as much as the beer and the aquavit...

Europe: Nike Wants Dancers

August 2, 2006


  Dancers wanted – across Europe. If dance is your thing, you may want to check out Nike’s Dance to LA competition. The rules are pretty straightforward: film yourself dancing, upload your video on the NikeWomen site, win a trip to LA. Curious? Check out the site or click on the picture above to watch […]