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Portrait of a Blogger: Claudia Dias

September 20, 2006


125004-472844-thumbnail.jpgAfter a long summer hiatus, Shortcut is resuming its portrait series - this week we're profiling Claudia, who reports from Lisbon and runs the popular blog "O Mundo De Claudia". Claudia joined Shortcut pretty much from the start, adding a weekly dose of quirky, urbane and poetic insights into the Portuguese soul.


How / Why did you start blogging?

A couple of friends had just started their blogs and I thought to myself that having my own blog would be an excellent motivation for me to stop being lazy and finally start writing what was on my mind - instead of scribbling keywords into notebooks for later development. There's nothing like public visibility to put some pressure unto yourself. Exceeding my expectations, it became my own searchable, categorized notebook. A notebook that I happen to share.

Lisboa Snapshot

August 18, 2006


A short guide to Lisboa.

Lisboa: What to do When in Porto

July 4, 2006



by claudia dias

(Ed. note: No, Porto is not in Lisboa - it's Portugal's second largest city...)

I don't think I ever used my blog to advertise anything (maybe a bookshop or two and my dentist :-) but I finally found a "product" I can sponsor with the greatest conviction.

A rainy evening in Porto. A crooked street near the the river Douro waterfront, in Miragaia. I called in advance to book a table and on the other side was someone who was not just booking tables but was trying to chat with me, addressing me by my name and asking if I knew how the restaurant worked. I dismissively said yes, believing it was one more of these places mushrooming all around offering a "menu degustation". How I was wrong.

Lisboa: A Stop at Parque Subway Station

June 22, 2006


by claudia dias My favourite subway station in Lisboa is an enigmatic cave of walls filled with maps, mathematical and astronomical references, symbols, philosophical and literary quotations…the main theme being the Portuguese seafaring explorations. (Ptolemy’s Theory) “Ptolemy formulated a geocentric model of the solar system which remained the generally accepted model in the Western and […]

Lisboa: Matchmaking with Saint Anthony

June 12, 2006



by claudia dias

The Lisboa Annual Festivities are here! The air is thick with the smoke of grilled sardines, the old neighborhoods are lively with pimba music and boys buy manjericos for their sweethearts. Buying a manjerico in June is a minor tradition around here. It's a plant closely related to basil - smells beautifully - and a paper carnation is usually stuck in the vase. The carnation carries a really sassy little poem involving love or courtship. They're called St. Anthony's quatrains.

Ó Santo António de Lisboa,

Tu que tens fama de casamenteiro,

Se o casamento fosse coisa boa

Tu próprio não ficarias solteiro!

Lisboa: Foreigners feel the Heat

June 9, 2006


Illustration by VitriolicaFrom Vitriolica‘s excellent blog, unkempt women, comes this nugget of whistful cross-cultural analysis: However long I live here (seven years so far if you’re counting), I will probably always find myself in conversations thus:Portuguese Person: My god, this heat is incredible.Vitrischmolica: Yes, it really is very hot.Portuguese Person: I mean, for May, it’s […]

Lisboa: Setting up Shop

May 16, 2006


  via fabrica blog  The folks at Fabrica are setting up shop in Lisboa: After five years of creative input in the Portuguese capital, Fabrica Features store Lisboa, has been re-designed and re-energized by the Design team and the new head of department Sam Baron. The new shop managers, Cristina and Marta were selected for […]