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Milano Snapshot

August 18, 2006


A short guide to Milano.

Fashionism: Milan Fashion Week Hi Jinx

July 5, 2006


A monthly fashion column - who would have thought. This new column comes to you courtesy of Anne Metz whose fashion credentials include sashaying down the Milan catwalks in a past life as runway model. In her role as Shortcut fashion reporter, she'll plumb that knowledge, but add her background in philosophy to deliver sharp little fashion bites every month.

Anne also writes on The Cool Honey


Milan: Fashion Week Hi-jinx

Cheeky, not chic. Or at least that seemed to be the verdict of the audience during Alexander McQueen's fall fashion show in Milan last week. But this critique wasn't in reference to the shockingly avant-garde looks of the British designer. Rather, the buzz was directed at two French journalists, who sported headscarves in a guerrilla tactic to "make fashion week less boring." 

Milan: Black – White – Black – White

June 23, 2006



The late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping  famously said that it doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice. The Milanese fashion tribe would beg to disagree.

After recent Spring collections enshrined a sober black and white palette as this summer's ultimate expression of chic, Via Montenapoleone fashion denizens are toeing the (party) line: every woman in sight is wearing demure black and white, and this in a city that is not usually afraid of sporting every colour in the rainbow, and some.

Milano: Another Model Strike?

June 9, 2006


  Somehow we missed this, but apparently Italian models were on strike mid-May, protesting unfair competition from  foreign (read American) modeling agency. In a succinct insider commentary on the "strike", former runway model Anne Metz dissects the militant stance of the modeling profession as not so millitant after all: Now, given that the runway season […]

Milano: Cracking the Code

April 13, 2006



by zoomata via wired news 

Nicole Martinelli reports on one of Da Vinci's oldest notebook seeing the (public) light again, as curators rush to take advantage of a renewed interest in all things Da Vinci. At 500 plus years and 55 pages, the notebook of sketches and writings has spent these past ten years ensconced in a library of the Sforzesco castle - and will be shown only for a limited time:

milano: the art of decapitation?

April 5, 2006


  by zoomata  Oriana Fallaci, the intrepid Italian journalist and war reporter, recently made waves again, this time in the Milanese art world, when she became the subject of  a portrait dubbed "West, West". The portrait, by Italian Giuseppe Veneziano, is unflattering, to say the least. Nicole Martinelli, over at Zoomata has the scoop: A […]

milano: no sex = better politics?

January 31, 2006


photo via forbes

Well, well, well. I turn my back for a couple of weeks and find that our esteemed Prime Minister, Dott. Silvio Berlusconi, has that he is renouncing sex until after the Italian elections in April. What a to say. He is married and he is a Catholic. Yes, I know he is old, but men have sired children far, far older than he is. Just.
However, the fact remains that he has publicly announced the witholding of his marital obligations to his lovely wife of 14 years, Veronica Lario, until after the elections. I am speechless. Why? What is he hoping to achieve by this promise? I realise that he will finally be in a position to actually deliver on one of his promises - but will he? Is there any point in him compromising his marriage vows at this stage in his life?

Perhaps he feels that by distilling his vital forces - his life juices - he will keep his strength for when he will need it most. Fighting the election. But that is normally only applicable to people with physically demanding jobs, such as footballers, or athletes. It would be hard to see Silvio as any form of athlete.