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milano: buon natale!

December 26, 2005


by peter gillies  It is traditional here in Italy to display a "Presepio" – usually a highly intricate representation of the birth of Christ in an even more intricate setting showing every type of scene that your space/budget will allow. The best (and most expensive) figures have long come from Napoli and the photo above […]

milano: embarrassed again

December 17, 2005


antonio_fazio.jpgby peter gillies

Events are finally starting to catch up with the current head of the Bank of Italy, Antonio Fazio.

You may recall that I wrote about his antics a couple of months ago, when the whole sorry saga hit the world press. He was accused of misusing his position as the Governor of the Bank of Italy in order to support his friend and father of his daughter’s fiancé, Gianpiero Fiorani.

The latest events to unfold almost read out of the pages of a cheap thriller. Fiorani has been arrested on suspicion of embezzlement, market manipulation and association with known criminals. He has been joined by former chief finance officer, Gianfranco Boni and Silvano Spinelli, a financial consultant and former BPI executive. Prosecutors are investigating how the Banca Popolare Italiana, where the three arrested gentlemen worked, built up such a large shareholding in the Banca Antonveneta at the height of the battle for ownership being fought with Dutch bank, ANB Amro.

milano: violence in the valley

December 11, 2005


125004-226971-thumbnail.jpgby peter gillies

Hot on the heels of the US Secretary of State, Condaleeza Rice, telling the people of Europe that we should do what we are told, or else - we have another example of state violence in Italy. Last night, in the Val di Susa, the demonstrations by the local people against the High Speed Train (TAV) project erupted into a bloody clash with the police resulting in at least 6 injuries.

Now, you may already know that the Val di Susa (or Susa Valley in English) is the main area for the Winter Olympics this year.

milano: how to speak italian @&*!&*#!!!! at the office

December 4, 2005


via peter gillies

I am assured that this memo is real - allegedly (clicking the logo should open a copy of the actual memo). Apologies for the language if you are an Italian speaker and are feeling insulted. No offence meant, I'm sure.



MEMO to all the Staff:

It has been brought to our attention by several officials visiting our establishment in Rome that offensive language is commonly used by our Italian speaking staff. Such behaviour, in addition to violating our policy, is highly unprofessional and offensive to both visitors and staff. All personnel will immediately adhere to the following rules:

1. Words like cazzo, porca puttana or mi sono rotto il cazzo and other such expressions will not be tolerated or used for emphasis or dramatic effect, no matter how heated a discussion may become.

2. You will not say ha fatto una cazzata when someone makes a mistake, or se lo stanno inculando if you see someone being reprimended, or che stronzata when a major mistake has been made. All forms and derivations of the verb cagare are utterly inappropriate and unacceptable in our environment.

milano: just in time for christmas!

November 28, 2005


by peter gillies Christmas is coming! I can feel it in the air and the TV advertising jingles. But, Hark! What is that I hear now? Yes, that’s right. It’s the sound of the world famous “Singing Prime Minister”, trying to launch his Christmas CD of “Lurve” songs in good time the elections next year. […]

milano: singing with bob dylan

November 20, 2005


by peter gillies
dylan rocks milan

I resurrected a bit of my youth over the weekend when I went to see Bob Dylan in concert at the Assago Forum on the outskirts of Milano. Quite a memory jogger it was too. I have seen Bob Dylan once before in concert in the UK – in 1969. A lifetime ago, or so it seems now. He was good then. Very good. On Saturday, however he was fantastic. I have been listening to Bob Dylan since the early 1960s, from the time I started learning to play the guitar in fact. What a lot of memories were stirred gently during the evening.

It was an amazing evening featuring both classical Dylan songs, such as Tamborine Man, together and some of his more recent work – with a few musical surprises as the Dylan standards were presented in some very different ways. Dylan has continued to develop as an artist over the years, always presenting his work in wonderfully fresh and different ways to give a sense of continuing excitement and relevance to his words and music.

milano: italy and the eco mafia. redux.

November 12, 2005


EcoMafia.jpgStill keeping on the subject of what we do with our toxic waste, I see that the proposed new EU bill regarding chemicals use in the EU, REACH, is progressing well at the moment. It is a very watered down version of the original proposal by Guido Sacconi, but surely a step in the right direction. I briefly touched on the problem of toxic waste disposal yesterday, with the discovery that the USA had disposed of its own vast arsenal of chemical weapons after WW2 by simply dumping everything overboard into the sea. The results of that massive dumping should be clear now, so why is there so much resistance from governments all around the world to actually put in real controls?

Here in Italy there has been a major waste disposal problem for many years. A problem that became very public here a couple of years ago, with protesters in Montecorvino Rovella, about 60km south-east of Naples, stopping trains to complain about the re-opening of a local waste landfill site.