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milano: rockpolitics rocks berlusconi

October 23, 2005


Celantano -Corriere sella Sera.jpg

With the screening of “Rockpolitik” last Thursday night on RAI 1, one of the state run TV channels, a new paragraph was written in the political history of Italy. The show itself was interesting enough, being a mixture of music, comedy skits and political satire – very much the kind of TV programme that we are used to seeing in the rest of Europe – “That Was The Week That Was”, for example, back in the 1960s. What made this one so very different, and so very exciting to be watching, was that it challenged the control that has been exerted on virtually all of the Italian media by one man.

There has been much written and said about how that One Man, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has gained control of the Italian media. Our Man of the Media himself would say (and does say) that he doesn’t actually exert any control over the editorial content of “his” television channels.

milano: a new law is born?

October 18, 2005


Our dear friend Silvio Berlusconi is, if nothing else, a very loyal man. He looks after his friends and family in the true style of a gentleman Man of Honour. The most recent development in the long saga of how the Prime Minister of Italy runs the country he is currently “in charge of” is in the protection of one of his oldest, most staunch friends and confidantes, Cesare Previti. Previti was one of Berlusconi’s lawyers for many years, protecting and defending his client through the development of his business empire. He was repaid with a seat in Berlusconi’s first attempt at government – an attempt brought down at the time by the somewhat xenophobic Lega Nord. Short lived though this initial appointment was, it led to Cesare Previti becoming elected to the Chamber of Deputies, so it didn’t work out too badly for him in the end.

That was up until an investigation into bribery and corruption, leading to his conviction for the bribing of a judge in Roma on behalf of Berlusconi in a take-over bid of Mondadori, the company which has Marina Berlusconi as its President.

milano: not nepotism

October 5, 2005


please, please, please
Whilst the Fazio affair trundles on and on still, the Prime Minister is continuing in his quest for world (or at least Italian) domination. I’m sure that the coming elections have nothing at all to do with the recent appointment of his 39 year old daughter, Marina Berlusconi, to the elevated seat of President at the helm of the family flagship company that still effectively controls the media in Italy for Berlusconi, Fininvest SPA. Of course, we all kow that the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has absolutely no involvement whatsoever with Fininvest SPA, don't we. He has repeatedly told us that he has no influence over the running of the company that controls most of the Italian media so, of course, we believe him, don't we.

milano: summer in the city

August 21, 2005


summer milano.jpg

Whilst most of Europe still busies itself with life in the “fast lane” of modern society, Milan, the business heart of Italy and the fashion centre of the world, takes a well-earned break from its normal busy, self-absorbed style. It takes a holiday as the majority of Milanese flee for the hills – or at least the seaside – for their annual 4 week holiday.

It's a very good time to be here though.

milano: dive, dive, dive!

August 16, 2005



dive into history

On second thoughts, please don’t. There has been a very strange craft making its slow but steady voyage to the centre of Milan recently. A submarine. Not one of those cute little one-man ones that you can see so often in diver training centres all around the Mediterranean, but a dirty great big one. A genuine warship that cruised around the coasts of the Mediterranean looking for suitable prey into which it might fire its lethal cargo of high explosive torpedoes.

milano: summer round up

July 28, 2005


i navigliMilan is getting ready for summer. After a very cold winter the Milanese  are shaping up for the usually very hot summer. Milanese girls and boys know that summer starts when Bar Bianco opens: the cool and hip bar is located in the middle of a beautiful park, the Parco Sempione. Another hot spot […]