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Napoli: The (not-so) weekly wino

February 4, 2007


tracy b.currently reports from Ischia As the cool has settled in and the summer’s sweaty nights are long gone, my affection for wine has left white and turned as red as the leaves on the vines. My cravings for fish having been well-satisfied with the abundance of the sea on the table here in Southern […]

Naples: Living on the Edge

September 1, 2006


ischia tax.jpg

tracie b. currently reports from Ischia

See, there was a taxi today. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe, just maybe, he didn't realize that the nerve he was dancing on was my last one. It had been worn bare in the past few days by other Italians and was connecting my tact and patience to my mental health by just one skimpy thread.


July 27, 2006


125004-402679-thumbnail.jpgby tracie b. 

One of the things that I love about Italy is the very short route that products take to travel from the source to the table. Many times it's as easy as reaching up to tree in your backyard to pick a ripe summer peach. Maybe you have a couple of eggplants growing in your garden or you just might know of a secret cove where mussels grow wild and can be scavenged at will.

In Italy, if you don't have the fortune of being so close to your produce, you will surely be able to profit from the tree of a neighbor or the knowledge of a retired fisherman.

Portrait of a Blogger: Tracie B.

July 6, 2006



Another American in Italy?

Those who read Shortcut regularly have probably come across one of Tracie's Sorrento wine dissections or fabulous recipe suggestions. Tracie left the US to forge a life in Southern Italy and she's now Shortcut's eyes and ears in Naples, reporting on the city's peculiarities and delights from her Texana in exile perspective; detailing the local penchant for unconventional parking choices and bizarre aversion to naked feet. What becomes obvious from her writing on Shortcut and on her personal blog, My Life Italian, is that for her, Italy is definitely the right dream come true.

Naples: The Art of Parking

May 18, 2006


  by tracie b. …right there in the middle of the road! I’ll be right back…" Someone actually parked their car like this. Creative parking is definitely a way of life here, but even by Neapolitan standards, this carefree driver was sashaying into jackass teritory. The guy who double-parked in front of the handicap spot […]

Naples: In My Former Life I was New and Shiny

April 27, 2006


  by tracie branch  These 3 little vespas, it appears, have resigned to their broken fate of life on the mean streets of Napoli.  

Naples: Mpepata di Cozze

April 19, 2006


cozze.jpgby tracie branch

Ed.Note: No, we don't usually publish recipes, but this week the fare on Shortcut is decidedly gastronomy oriented, so we're interrupting our regular programming to bring you a typical Neapolitan dish that has transfixed our contributor Tracie. We certainly don't want to deprive our readers of any authentic Italian cuisine tips, here's Tracie's take on Mpepata di Cozze:

That's Peppered Mussels. The spelling is in the Napoletano dialect, as it is a typical dish from 'round these parts. It is splendid simplicity at its most Italian!

I won't give a recipe, so to speak, as it is too easy to warrant the strain it would put on my brain trying to figure out how many mussels go for each person, all while converting into the metric kilo and back to pounds.