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The Anthropology of Surfing

April 15, 2010


Michael (who used to contribute to my travel blog Shortcut) has just published a new book Sweetness and Blood, a “folk history of modern surfing, arguably America’s most influential sport”. Michael’s traveled the world as surfing anthropologist extraordinaire, gathering clues to the origin of the sports and its worldwide adoption after World War II: How did an obscure tribal tradition from pre-colonial Hawaii — nearly eliminated by Christian missionaries — jump oceans to California and Australia? How did it become a world sport, and how does it clash with cultures in corners of the earth where the surf might be excellent but the society is highly traditional, or superstitious about the sea? Find out on Amazon (US) as of June 2010.

Copenhagen: Can you pass the Danish test?

March 27, 2007


by tim anderson If there is one thing that can be said about the current government in Denmark, it's that they are becoming rather predictable. Needing the proudly xenophobic/racist Dansk Folkeparti to prop up their minority/coalition government, the government has developed a nasty little habit of throwing their support behind various proposals propagating the idea of 'Danishness' (thereby helping to ward off perceived threats to whatever it is that this so-called 'Danishness' is...).

Copenhagen: Riots in the streets

March 25, 2007


  by tim anderson News reporters in Copenhagen, and in particular TV2 News – Denmark’s 24-hour news channel – recently had what was probably their biggest news week for several years. It all began with a police raid of the Ungdomhus (‘The Youth House’) in Nørrebro in Copenhagen on March 1, which succeeded in clearing […]

Copenhagen: The woman who didn’t want to be Princess anymore

February 23, 2007


by sabine behrman Princess Alexandra, Queen Margrethe’s ex-daughter-in-law, has decided to marry her boyfriend on March3, thus leaving the royal family for good and be reduced to a lowly Countess of Frederiksborg. She’ll lose the last of her privileges, but not her annual alimony of appr. € 250.000. However, she will have to pay about […]

Madrid: Landlords face empty flat fee

February 5, 2007


by ben curtis While they are busy building enough new flats around Madrid to house the remaining few young professionals that still haven’t fled to the city from the economically depressed provinces, there are a remarkable number of empty flats here in the centre of the city. Half the shutters in the 6 floor building […]

Reykjavík: Life just feels happier here

February 3, 2007


by jared bibler I met with NPR’s Eric Weiner again last week after work, for a follow-up interview on happiness in the Land. He’s not doing a radio bit on this, but he is coming out with a book on the happiest countries (and he wants you to buy it!).

Copenhagen: A European paradise?

January 30, 2007


by tim anderson I’ve been running my own blog, The Copenhagen Report, for the past two years now, but as this is my first article for Shortcut, I'll back up and give a short introduction to the city I now call home.