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Paris: Utterly not buttery

February 3, 2007


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Tucked on a small street behind the Place des Victories, Lémoni Café (lémoni is Greek for lemon) serves inventive and delicious mostly vegetarian food. The cooking style is called Cretois and the premise is simple: fresh and dry vegetables cooked without butter or cream. Although the idea has been around for a while, it is fairly new to Paris restaurants. I went for lunch the other day and the cozy cafeteria-style restaurant was full of casually well-dressed art and fashion people who I assumed were after the same thing I was.

Paris: East meets West

February 2, 2007


by eye prefer paris I strolled over the Ile St. Louis to the Arab Institute to see the Venise et l’Orient exhibit. I’ve been intrigued by the exotic and inviting poster that’s been on the metro and the streets of Paris in the last few months. I thought a Tuesday in January would be a […]

Paris: The city’s first non-smoking bistro?

January 31, 2007


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Fish La Boissonnerie, a former fish shop, is now a lively, homey left bank bistro that qualifies as a first in Paris I believe: It’s the only all non-smoking restaurant.

When I walked in there was no smoke and all the staff spoke English. I immediately liked it.

Paris: Top 5 Things to Do in December

December 18, 2006


by eye prefer paris Here’s my Top 5, Eye Need To Do’s this month: 1. Doisneau: Paris en Liberté Robert Doisneau’s “The Kiss at Hotel De Ville” is one of the most iconic and popular photos of Paris ever taken. A new exhibition of 280 of his black and white photos of Paris cityscapes is […]

Vincent Gagliostro’s Deleted Scenes (7) Verboten) Show at NeC Gallery

December 16, 2006


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Vincent Gagliostro’s, Deleted Scenes (7) Verboten exhibit of photographs at NeC Gallery explores the predatory nature of the artist's eye, in this case, exploitive, vulnerable, and obsessively attracted to the promise of beauty.

Paris: Brazilian invades the Panthéon

December 8, 2006


by eye prefer paris As a Paris insider, I have an embarrassing admission to make: I’ve never been to The Panthéon. Quelle Horreur! Sunday afternoon I finally went, and the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto’s astounding installation was worth the wait. The installation, inspired by a sea monster in the Book of Job, is a series […]

Paris: Huppert and Wilson at Odeon Theatre

November 15, 2006


by eye prefer paris My first Paris play: Isabelle Huppert in “Quartett”, directed by Robert Wilson at the Odeon Theatre. My friend Olivier generously invited me to the theater last night and what a stellar introduction it was with a performance by one of France’s greatest actresses at the most prestigious theater in Paris. Officially […]