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Paris: Fabrica: Five day to fabulous

November 10, 2006


by sam baron As a part of the Fabrica exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Fabrica Design Department created a temporary  store that will only last for five months. The store is a project exploring the process of creating a retail space using materials and local resources. Where is all this taking place? […]

Paris: Valley of the Dolls

October 9, 2006



by eye prefer paris 

Walking through Galeries Lafayette today, I stumbled on Christian Dior, John Galliano, Kenzo, Christian Lacroix, Valentino, Versace couture fashions, but they were adorning big-eyed Blythe dolls.

Paris: Mind your Manners

September 21, 2006


france shop.jpg 

by the paris blog 

Bonjour Messieurs Dames!

It’s not hard to say. Sometime I say it to myself just for the heck of it. But it was so hard to get into the habit, when I first moved here, of singing it out every time I entered a bakery or a fruit shop. Chris at ParisLogue explains how crucial it is to utter the french version of “‘Sup?”:

Talk to a Parisian over dinner and in one breath he will adamantly oppose Le Pen and the anti-immigration policies of the National Front and in the second breath he will complain about the Asian and Arab immigrants failure to s’integrer into French life.

Paris: Des Chiffres et des Lettres

September 1, 2006


by the paris blog Lazy weekend in the city? Perhaps it’s time to visit those places you hear about all the time but never manege the time to see. You know, the new museum. Or MK2. Eye Prefer Paris finds it’s not just the film selection to love here: The MK2 Bibliotheque is cinephile’s dream […]

Paris: Rick Owens Opens at Palais Royal

August 23, 2006


Break the piggy bank. Rick Owens, the Paris-based designer originally from Los Angeles, has quietly opened up a boutique at Palais Royal (130 Galerie de Valois). The space is both stark and cozy, with clothing hanging from simple metal racks, walls damaged with imperfections, and the flat carpet spotted and faded. Dark felt, one of the designer’s favorite materials, covers one wall, and pieces of chunky furniture he also designs fill out the store.

Paris: Tabloid Museum

August 10, 2006


by the paris blog I Prefer Paris has a peek at “Exhibition Artistes et Stars: A Collection of Photos by Paris Match” at The Musée Jacquemart-André. He writes: The Paris Match photos were displayed in intimate, dark walled but well lit, rooms and they were small, jewel like portraits of artists, actors, dancers, writers, fashion […]

Paris: Summer Styling

August 1, 2006



by the paris blog 

Desperate times call for desperate (fashion) measures, observes Diary of an Adult Runaway:

Paris is much more prepared for the heat then they were 3 years ago when the canicule killed 15,000 nation-wide. I was here on vacation and that was hell. I see a lot more people carrying water bottles this time around, and people know to take it easy. Summer here always surprises me, though.