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Paris: 112 Gripes

June 8, 2006


by the paris blog The French don’t bathe. The French are decadent. All the French do is talk. These complaints about the Hexagon inhabitants go way back, as this shows. It has 112 such complaints, with explanations provided as to why such behavior exists, and why servicement need to get over it. Sample: “The French […]

Paris: Marie Antoinette Mania

June 1, 2006


Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette has been released to much heated discussion in Paris. Though the film was booed at Cannes and gleefully reviled by not a few French critics, Marie Antoinette is quickly taking the French by storm. Naturally, the historically minded etablissement is complaining that Coppola’s film “lops” of the final, more interesting years […]

Paris: Summer in the City

May 29, 2006


                by the paris blog You know it’s summer in Paris when your friends and family start back-to-back visits. Laments La Page Francaise: People start coming out of the woodwork. Our spare futon mattress is booked solid in the summer months and reservations start coming in around early […]

Paris: Sheer Gall

May 24, 2006


If you think music videos are getting more and more suggestive, check out this old one by France Gall to see they were always that way. (Well, it is a Serge Gainsbourg song.) Thanks to Advice Goddess for the link.

Paris: Homeless Tents

May 17, 2006


by the paris blog You are seeing short-term housing for homeless people. The New York Times sees a trend due to immigration and unemployment. And the Los Angeles Times? It sees a cute alternative to the Ritz. A posting today on Susan Spano’s consistently stupid “Postcards from Paris” blog on that paper’s website reads, in […]

Paris: Hair Pimp Alert

May 8, 2006



by the paris blog 

Positioned at every metro exit at Strasbourg St. Denis, young black men hang out in groups, casing out everyone coming out of the subway. I assumed they were drug dealers or procurers for the sad old prostitutes on rue St. Denis. Turns out these men are pimps, all right—hair pimps! They work on commission from the maisons de coiffure specializing in black hair in this area. They call out to the black women exiting the subway, trying to get them to come to the coiffeur they represent. “They’re very aggressive,” a friend told me yesterday.

Paris: Dress Up Before You Undress

May 5, 2006


                by the paris blog  Paris’s swinger clubs hit a tipping point recently when the New York Times sent a reporter to Les Chandelles. (Even if said reporter simply had a giggle fit and fled.) So if you’re among the among the uninitiated yet curious about this realm, […]

Paris: Lights Out for Woody

April 28, 2006


by the paris blog 

Last year I wrote an article for Variety about the increase in American films and TV shows shot in Paris. The French Film Commission is allowing easier access to historic buildings for filmmakers, opening up the Louvre to The Da Vinci Code and Versailles to the much-less-monied production of Marie-Antoinette.

Paris: Dude, Where’s my Metro?

April 21, 2006








by the paris blog

Art may enrich the city, but it also makes for some confused tourists, say 40 Days in Paris:

Sure, this Metro entrance at Palais Royal looks fabulous. It’s been bejeweled by a talented artist. But, its fabulousness causes confusion. If you were to stand near this colorful canopy for more three minutes somebody inevitably would approach you and ask, “how do I get to the Metro?” (in any number of languages.)

Paris: Real(istic) Estate?

April 12, 2006


by the paris blog 

Everyone in the States assumes property in Paris is astronomically priced. No one there believes what a low price I paid for the apartment I bought earlier this year in Montmartre. For fun, I go to the “real estate for sale” area of NY and LA Craig’s List and punch in the price I paid for the Paris pad, to see what the same amount would buy. Nothing comes up that cheap in the first 150 listings for either, not even in the ghetto neighborhoods.

And yet some of my French friends think I will lose money on the place. They say French people cannot afford to buy property the way it is priced now, and because of this the market, now at its peak, will soon collapse. It is almost laughable to me, the idea of property prices having any relation to salaries. In theory it should, but in the US, real estate is anything but realistic. Middle-class homeowners are in hock up to their eyeballs, living beyond their means in houses that are so often supersized beyond anyone’s veritable need.