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Paris: Depp to Decamp?

July 26, 2006


  by the paris blog  Is France going to lose its most famous expat resident? Johnny Depp, who moved to Paris in ‘98, spawned with French star Vanessa Paradis, and now holes up on the Riviera, is , reports my pal Janet Charlton. Has he become disillusioned with France? In a way, he has. He […]

Paris Snapshot

July 18, 2006


A short guide to Paris.

Paris: Ch Ch Ch Cherry Bomb!

July 12, 2006


              by the paris blog  It’s not just World Cup season. It’s cherry season, too! Here’s an from a sort of dissertation on the sweet treat from : These Burlat cherries are in the Marché d’Aligre, open every day until 1pm except Monday. La Burlat is France’s most common […]

Paris: The Steward(ess) Dance

July 6, 2006


by the paris blog  The folks at Chez Thompson have pics on their blog of Gay Pride parade floats going by their window. My fave is this one of Air France employees doing the “in case of emergency, locate your nearest exit” dance. Note the fan in the audience following along!

Paris: Ceci n’est pas un Massage

June 30, 2006


by the paris blog  When is a massage not a massage? When it’s a “sensual game for your back,” as an employee of La Bulle Kenzo told Gillian Young, a blogger who had a gift certificate for a visit to the first-arrondissement spa: Eventually I’m let in and led to the back of room, where […]

Paris: The Glancing Game

June 23, 2006


paris metro.jpg

by the paris blog 

That hottie who keeps looking your way on the #12 line: is he a freak? Future sex partner? Or is he just looking through you, not even registering your fierce new coif? It’s too bad that there’s no guide to anonymous social interaction. Til now. Metro Stories has just posted the official rules of a game I think we have all played: The Glancing Game.

1. Players One and Two must sit facing each other on the car, though thier positions are not limited to a particular section of seats. Thus, the players may sit as close as six inches and as far as ten meters from each other.

2. Players One and Two must be able to see each other. If another passenger sits in between the two players and thus blocks the players sight of each other, the game is over.

Photo credit: Level 11 

Paris: 112 Gripes

June 8, 2006


by the paris blog The French don’t bathe. The French are decadent. All the French do is talk. These complaints about the Hexagon inhabitants go way back, as this shows. It has 112 such complaints, with explanations provided as to why such behavior exists, and why servicement need to get over it. Sample: “The French […]