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Copenhagen: Can you pass the Danish test?

March 27, 2007


by tim anderson If there is one thing that can be said about the current government in Denmark, it's that they are becoming rather predictable. Needing the proudly xenophobic/racist Dansk Folkeparti to prop up their minority/coalition government, the government has developed a nasty little habit of throwing their support behind various proposals propagating the idea of 'Danishness' (thereby helping to ward off perceived threats to whatever it is that this so-called 'Danishness' is...).

Copenhagen: Riots in the streets

March 25, 2007


  by tim anderson News reporters in Copenhagen, and in particular TV2 News – Denmark’s 24-hour news channel – recently had what was probably their biggest news week for several years. It all began with a police raid of the Ungdomhus (‘The Youth House’) in Nørrebro in Copenhagen on March 1, which succeeded in clearing […]

Berlin: Nazis creeping in

November 11, 2006


udo voigt.jpg 

by michael scott moore

This appalling man Udo Voigt is not just head of a marginal neo-Nazi party but now a duly-elected politician in the Treptow-Köpenick district of Berlin. He's the guy who said, last year in a town called Gera, in a speech delivered between sets by white-supremacist hatecore bands, “We don’t want a multicultural society! We know what that brings! In Berlin we’ve learned about the first school without a single German child. Should this be the future of Germany?… [Read more…]

“Anyone who wants this to be the future of Germany should vote for the established parties! Whoever doesn’t want this to be the future of Germany should send the NPD to the national parliament!… [Read more…] We need, in Germany, at last, a true national politics. We have a dream — that the Federal Republic of Germany should go into the dustbin of history, as quickly as possible, just like the GDR. That’s our dream. We dream of a free and prosperous and peaceful Germany for true Germans […] We have the blood of our fathers flowing in our veins and we are proud!”

Copenhagen: Trouble at Danmark’s Radio

October 10, 2006



by sabine behrman
There is a common denominator for most public projects: more often than not they turn out to be much more costly than planned.

When it was announced that Danmarks Radio, the older of the two Danish public service companies, would move to new premises in the Copenhagen suburb of Ørestad, this seemed to be yet another attempt to bring life into an area, which the general population does not seem to want to embrace with particular ardour.

Copenhagen: He who pays the Publisher

August 29, 2006


by sabine behrmann The festival Images of the Middle East, which currently is trying to enlighten the public all over Denmark about contemporary culture in that part of the world, has had bad press for a very long time. There was trouble getting the festival arranged we were told – because of bad management. So […]

Vienna: Debating Speed Limits

August 23, 2006


2006: 160 km/h in Austria?

Germany's biggest asset seems to be the non-existent speed limit on the motorways. I have to admit that I like going 200 km/h when appropriate and usually put a rock on the gaspedal as soon as I cross the border.

Without cruise control speed limits are tiring. Austria now discusses to raise the speed limit on motorways from 130 to 160 km/h. This would be a milestone in traffic politics.

Berlin: Anti-Semites Everywhere

August 22, 2006


by michael scott moore Utter malicious nonsense about G√ľnter Grass can be read here, here, and (for old time’s sake) here. Normally I like Hermann the German’s blog, but he leads the pack with a sentence that sums up the posturing of the peanut gallery: “One of the leading German Gutmenschen of the past two […]