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Reykjavik: Break for the country

February 15, 2007


by jared bibler I stayed one Saturday overnight in a little cluster of summerhouses, owned by my employer. It’s a little ways out of town, far enough so that no city lights interfere with the stars. Just now when I went to the car to get a pen, the size and brilliance of Orion in […]

Reykjavík: Life just feels happier here

February 3, 2007


by jared bibler I met with NPR’s Eric Weiner again last week after work, for a follow-up interview on happiness in the Land. He’s not doing a radio bit on this, but he is coming out with a book on the happiest countries (and he wants you to buy it!).

Reykjavik: Here comes the sun

December 20, 2006


by Jared It’s just a shade before noon and out my office window I see the first direct evidence that there is, indeed, still a sun. It’s lighting up the clouds over the mountain range to the southwest and casting a wan light over the smattering of snow and brown grass below and the Lego-block […]

Reykjavik: Water Polo

October 11, 2006


by jared bibler 

Iceland has one of everything, and that includes a water polo club. Invited by a couple of friends, I went on Wednesday night to my first practice. It's held at the indoor pool at Laugardalslaug three times a week.

Normally, I'm told, the practice opens with swimming warmups and then a water polo game at the end.

Reykjavik: Stress-Free Autumn

September 20, 2006



by jared bibler 

The fall is definitely here, with clear sunny skies and a bit of a chill in the air. The clouds are high and have a certain sidelit pink-yellow light in the evenings. And last night the first windstorm came pounding on my windows, slamming the bedroom window shut with some authority as I was drifting off to sleep. The whistling wind continued all through the night and this morning there were whitecaps on the bay and the water was greenish and churned.

Reykjavik: Tax – free Lottó!

August 31, 2006


I have known for some time that Iceland has a lottery. But what I didn't know is that it's run by the hundreds of sporting associations in the Land and directly benefits them. And, unlike in Massachusetts, when you win, you win the entire chunk of money. None of this 50-cents-a-year-for-20-years business.
Here they just transfer the lump sum right into your bank account. Boom! And not only that, but winning the Icelandic lottery is the only thing in Iceland that happens absolutely tax-free. You don't owe a dime of income tax on your Lottó winnings. Sweet! Sign me up! I'm always up for some regressive taxation without representation.

Reykjavik: Taco Hell

August 24, 2006


taco bell.jpg by jared bibler 

My Einarsenesque coworker Árni today asked me how I felt about Taco Bell coming to Iceland. I hadn't heard this news, but apparently the KFC in Hafnarfjörður is gonna be split into one of the standard-issue joint-KFC-Taco-Bell joints so commonplace in America.