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Rome: Speedy boys rule

February 14, 2007


by moscerina Apparently, I am infamously late for everything I do. Most of my friends are well aware of this issue, and either verbally express their contempt for my consistent tardiness or try to trick me into being on time by anticipating my tardiness with faux meeting times.

Rome: Altar of Peace or an Eye-sore?

December 14, 2006


by moscerina

"All he does is stand there!"
"Yeah, but it's the way he stands..."
-- Paul McCartney arguing with John Lennon about Stu Sutcliffe, in Backbeat

Every so often, I hear how ugly Richard Meier's home to the Ara Pacis (the Altar of Peace) is – what a mistake, it ruins the cityscape of Rome, it's too white. Blah blah blah…

First of all, the cityscape isn't ruined, it's a flat bed roof, low and hidden beneath Rome's domes. Second, it’s practically open. Sitting in lungotevere traffic, zipping by on motorino, chilling on the bus or just strolling, no matter what you get a direct peak at the Ara Pacis*, direct interaction with Augustus and Ancient Rome, just as it was originally planned 2000 years ago. Third, it's a contemporary building smack in the center of Rome which always sparks a beautiful, enriching and heated discussion of the confrontation between classical and contemporary architecture. Even if you think it sucks, you will still talk about it.

Rome: Hanging out Roman-style

December 5, 2006



by moscerino

I have one thing to say to anyone coming to Rome, whether for a short tourist visit or a long extended stay:

Rome is not Paris, nor London, nor New York.  
Don’t even think that way.

Everything expected of bustling cities with never-ending rat’s nests of underground arteries called “metro” or “tube” or “subway” that go from here to there in minutes should never be expected in Rome. There are no quick visits from the east side to west side just for a cup of coffee, a party or a good kebab. No hip, stylish hotel lounge bars where bankers, actresses, models, writers, locals, ex-pats, adventurers, teachers and artists gather together to smoke cigarettes, drink and dance to amazing DJ sets. There are no confessions on the dance floor.

Rome is the exact opposite of these cities appropriately mythicized in films like Killing Zoe, An American Werewolf in London, and American Psycho where slick backgrounds, fast movement and fab parties pepper the scenes...