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Stockholm: My Name is Jerker

July 12, 2006



by swedish sloth

Jerker is a common first name in Sweden. Here is a picture of a Swede named Jerker I got off the Internet. Looks a bit like a Jerker, doesn't he?

I found out about the name during a meeting with someone else named Jerker last week. Needless to say, people named Jerker will probably never get a job in the USA outside the porn industry. And then there is the question: do people call him Jerk for short? That's not much better.

Stockholm: Sweden vs USA

July 7, 2006


  via schlockholm the stockholm blog Kommissarie Curiosa reduces the differences between Sweden and the USA to 10 amusing observations: Sweden thinks it’s not part of the European Union, while the U.S. thinks Canada is part of the U.S.. Swedes know the difference between Sweden and Switzerland, while Americans don’t really care as long as […]

Stockholm: Coming Soon – My Best Gay Man

June 21, 2006


by schlockholm – the stockholm blog An exhibition entitled "Spread Photograghy – My Best Gay" is to be one of the main themes of this year’s Stockolm Gay Pride Festival. Pride takes places between July 31 and August 7th this year. The exhibition includes the work of over 40 photographers and artists along with writers, politicians […]

Stockholm: National Party

June 6, 2006


swedish royals.jpg

by schlockholm - the stockholm blog

June 6 is Sweden’s National Day. If you’re in Stockholm you might want to join in the celebrations.

Where: Gamla Stan, Stortorget.
When: There will be celebrations between 12.00–21.00 including at 14.15: Herman Lindqvist talking about Stortorget and Stockholm’s history. At 17.00 the whole square will be dancing!

Where: Kungsträdgården.
: 11.30–22.00. The celebrations include at 13.45: Bounce streetdance company and the Electric Banana Band at
Where: Stadshuset.
When: 12.00–18.00: including 13.30: Amy Diamond, clowns, storytelling.

Stockholm: From Ice caps to Arid Land

May 31, 2006


true-north.jpgby schlockholm - the stockholm blog 

Stockholm gallery Brändström & Stene are showing two audiovisual installations by the celebrated British artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien (b.1960) this summer: Fantôme Afrique (triple screen) and True North (double screen).

The installation explores the impact of location - both cultural and physical - through -adopts suitably donnish tone - a juxtaposition of opposing global regions. Yes, it might sound a tad pretentious but the man’s a scholar and an artist so we’ll forgive him.

Snapshots: Sandra’s Stockholm

May 24, 2006


  Meet Sandra. A hobby photographer with an eye-catching flair for colour.A Swede who likes Stockholm best when it’s far away.A creative with a penchant for knitting and flirting. We discovered Sandra on Flickr and immediately asked if we could showcase her startling snapshots of an off-kilter, strangely twisted Stockholm. Check the gallery and keep […]

Stockholm: Swedes Want Cheaper Booze

May 17, 2006


alcohol shop.jpg by schlockholm the stockholm blog 

The majority of Swedes want the tax on beer and wine reduced, says the Swedish Brewers' Association. They're not that bothered, though, by the tax on spirits.

Just over 50 percent of those questioned by Temo, who carried out the survey on behalf of the Brewers' Association, said beer and wine taxes should be cut whilst only 40 percent said they would like to see the tax on spirits fall.