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Stockholm: National Party

June 6, 2006


swedish royals.jpg

by schlockholm - the stockholm blog

June 6 is Sweden’s National Day. If you’re in Stockholm you might want to join in the celebrations.

Where: Gamla Stan, Stortorget.
When: There will be celebrations between 12.00–21.00 including at 14.15: Herman Lindqvist talking about Stortorget and Stockholm’s history. At 17.00 the whole square will be dancing!

Where: Kungsträdgården.
: 11.30–22.00. The celebrations include at 13.45: Bounce streetdance company and the Electric Banana Band at
Where: Stadshuset.
When: 12.00–18.00: including 13.30: Amy Diamond, clowns, storytelling.

Stockholm: From Ice caps to Arid Land

May 31, 2006


true-north.jpgby schlockholm - the stockholm blog 

Stockholm gallery Brändström & Stene are showing two audiovisual installations by the celebrated British artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien (b.1960) this summer: Fantôme Afrique (triple screen) and True North (double screen).

The installation explores the impact of location - both cultural and physical - through -adopts suitably donnish tone - a juxtaposition of opposing global regions. Yes, it might sound a tad pretentious but the man’s a scholar and an artist so we’ll forgive him.

Snapshots: Sandra’s Stockholm

May 24, 2006


  Meet Sandra. A hobby photographer with an eye-catching flair for colour.A Swede who likes Stockholm best when it’s far away.A creative with a penchant for knitting and flirting. We discovered Sandra on Flickr and immediately asked if we could showcase her startling snapshots of an off-kilter, strangely twisted Stockholm. Check the gallery and keep […]

Stockholm: Swedes Want Cheaper Booze

May 17, 2006


alcohol shop.jpg by schlockholm the stockholm blog 

The majority of Swedes want the tax on beer and wine reduced, says the Swedish Brewers' Association. They're not that bothered, though, by the tax on spirits.

Just over 50 percent of those questioned by Temo, who carried out the survey on behalf of the Brewers' Association, said beer and wine taxes should be cut whilst only 40 percent said they would like to see the tax on spirits fall.

Stockholm: 3G flies off the Shelves

May 10, 2006


Nokia HQ by the stockholm blog  For the first time ever two 3G handsets are in Telia’s top ten list of best-selling phones in Telia retail stores. The 3G phones are the Nokia 6280, which directly entered the list in fifth place, and the Samsung Z140. For the phone geeksters among you, the April top […]

Stockholm: Money Money Money….It’s a Tax Man’s World

May 4, 2006


125004-328237-thumbnail.jpg by schlockholm - the stockholm blog 

First Björn, now Frida. Yes, Abba songstress Anni-Frid Reuss-Lyngstad is being chased by the Swedish tax authorities for SEK 12 million. Lyngstad is accused of laundering the money offshore to avoid hefty tax bills in Sweden.

Lyngstad, who now resides in Switzerland, is said to have moved money from Abba's record companies Polar and Universal to a company in Panama. The company, Chaperon, was shown in a tax declaration for the period 2000-2002, to be owned by Lyngstad, reports Dagens Nyheter.

According to DN, Lyngstad is not personally liable for the tax: it is in her capacity as owner of Chaperon and Chaperon Limited, registered in Ireland.

stockholm: st.patrick’s day and other news

March 20, 2006


Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at O'Connell's in Gamla stan, the Old Town

by my life in stockholm

Last week’s Stockholm highlights included news that a restaurant worker was sentenced to probation and 100 hours community service for celebrating his last day at work by baking and serving a marijuana cheesecake to his colleagues. He will also pay a total of 45.000 Swedish crowns or about 4.750 Euros to the victims of his crime, who reported “unpleasant experiences” after the coffee break.

Drugs seem to be a growing problem with Sergelstorg, Gullmarsplan, and the suburbs of Rinkeby and Tensta Centrum to be the main Stockholm-area shopping centers for marijuana, cocaine, Ecstacy and uppers.

News media also presented some interesting facts about Swedes, including that over a quarter of a million Swedes travel outside the country each year to play golf, and that poker in Sweden is bigger than online porn with young Swedish poker players betting more than US $100,000 on one hand - Sweden is the only country in the world with a monopoly, called Svenska Spel, on online gaming

And while most of Sweden this past weekend watched Melodifestivalen and voted for a middle-aged, tattooed, divorced mother of three named Carola to represent them (for the third time) at this year’s coming Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, the rest celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day by bar hopping or hanging out with friends at the local watering holes.

stockholm: swedes plead not guilty

February 14, 2006


by Larry Zoumas  The buzz in Sweden nowadays is still from the Danish cartoons and how the Swedes are afraid they will be guilty by association with the Danes for speaking their minds. The Swedes are not ANYTHING like the Danes. Danes are impulsive fighters. The Swedes are thinkers, and non-confrontational to a fault. I […]

stockholm: this movie is cold, drunk and suicidal

January 26, 2006


by Larry Zoumas  Sweden overall makes pretty good quality films for a country with only 9 million people in it. And it ain’t easy being a Swedish director either, because one is always being compared to Ingmar Bergman. In Masjävlar, a young woman from Stockholm (which is considered a very big city in Sweden) travels […]

stockholm: what’s cooking in the swedish blogosphere

January 14, 2006



by stefan geens

Fortunately, there are many English-language bloggers that are connected to Sweden in some way, so I thought I might take you on a guided tour of the anglo-Swedish blogosphere:

Kommissarie F. Curiosa: Feminine curiosity can be deadly ("An 'under-the-covers' investigation of the strong, silent, nordic type"): An American girl in Sweden artfully navigates the Stockholm dating scene, and then reports back. She's the real thing, her existence vouched for at Bloggforum. Femina has an ear for conversations worthy of Overheard in New York, and packages these in heart-on-sleeve writing that never overshares.

Letters to Marc Jacobs ("A diary of sorts, chronicling the failures of my efforts to create a perfect life."): Emi's found a great literary ploy for her particular kind of stories. On the surface, what she writes look like dear-diary entries, but there is always a bigger idea lurking — a moral, if you will — which betrays planning and talent. (Great recent post)

How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons by Francis Strand: This 2005 Bloggie winnerNominations are now open for the 2006 Bloggies, BTW needs no introduction. Every word Francis writes is there for a reason, just as with my favorite authors. And his entries are short.