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Snapshots: Caravanserai by Tom Schutyser

July 2, 2009


Keep an eye out for Tom Schutyser‘s Caravanserais photographs, recently exhibited in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture. Tom has travelled extensively through the Middle East and Asia and was drawn to document the caravanserais he encountered along the trail of the ancient Silk road from Iran to China. Tom is now working on a book […]

Europe: Pick your live, personal city guide

January 14, 2008


Traveling with a boring guide book? Not happy with the restaurant listing of your Lonely Planet? Annoyed because there's no word on golf courses/spas/vintage clothes boutiques/ you name it in your TimeOut edition? Brighter times are ahead. Take an online trip to Viamigo, the brainchild of San Francisco based creative/journalist  jeff goldsmith, and pick from a vast menu of local guides that you don't have to lug around: living, breathing residents who are willing to put their arduously collected personal expertise at your disposal. Need a historian to explore the finer nuances of Sicilian baroque? Chances are you might find one on viamigo. Or maybe you feel like sharing your city wisdom with others? Sign up as a guide.

Madrid Snapshot

February 18, 2007


A short guide to Madrid.

Copenhagen Snapshot

January 18, 2007


A short guide to Copenhagen.

Naples: Living on the Edge

September 1, 2006


ischia tax.jpg

tracie b. currently reports from Ischia

See, there was a taxi today. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe, just maybe, he didn't realize that the nerve he was dancing on was my last one. It had been worn bare in the past few days by other Italians and was connecting my tact and patience to my mental health by just one skimpy thread.

Travel Tales: Errant in Iberia

August 18, 2006


by Ben Curtis
This month Shortcut takes a closer look at living in Spain by running three excerpts from Errant in Iberia, Ben Curtis' take on packing up and leaving home - for good. Read the excerpts below and discover at least three reasons for moving to Spain...

Milano Snapshot

August 18, 2006


A short guide to Milano.