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Europe: Pick your live, personal city guide

January 14, 2008


Traveling with a boring guide book? Not happy with the restaurant listing of your Lonely Planet? Annoyed because there's no word on golf courses/spas/vintage clothes boutiques/ you name it in your TimeOut edition? Brighter times are ahead. Take an online trip to Viamigo, the brainchild of San Francisco based creative/journalist  jeff goldsmith, and pick from a vast menu of local guides that you don't have to lug around: living, breathing residents who are willing to put their arduously collected personal expertise at your disposal. Need a historian to explore the finer nuances of Sicilian baroque? Chances are you might find one on viamigo. Or maybe you feel like sharing your city wisdom with others? Sign up as a guide.

Copenhagen: Ice cream to queue for

April 18, 2007


by tim anderson On pretty much any hot and sunny day in Copenhagen (in fact, it doesn’t really need to be that hot, just sunny), at certain hours of the day you’ll find queues like it was a supermarket twenty-five years ago in Eastern Europe suffering a food shortage. Alas, it’s not a shortage of […]

Copenhagen: Riots in the streets

March 25, 2007


  by tim anderson News reporters in Copenhagen, and in particular TV2 News – Denmark’s 24-hour news channel – recently had what was probably their biggest news week for several years. It all began with a police raid of the Ungdomhus (‘The Youth House’) in Nørrebro in Copenhagen on March 1, which succeeded in clearing […]

London: Breathe again

March 23, 2007


Just when you thought you couldn't hold out any longer, Spring is finally here. You know the smell of Spring - it’s the smell of earth warming, trees stretching, the thin hint of fresh greenery sharp in your nose. It’s so recognisable you can almost feel the sea change, pinpoint the exact day the seasons turn.

London: Roller derby to James Bond chase scene – it’s your playground

February 22, 2007


by jnoelbell For all its great history, sometimes London can be very… well, traditional. And sometimes, you just want to shake loose and do something a little different, explore (or create!) a new niche in an old city full of old things. With spring creeping around the corner, here are three offbeat activities to try, […]

Reykjavik: Break for the country

February 15, 2007


by jared bibler I stayed one Saturday overnight in a little cluster of summerhouses, owned by my employer. It’s a little ways out of town, far enough so that no city lights interfere with the stars. Just now when I went to the car to get a pen, the size and brilliance of Orion in […]

Madrid: Landlords face empty flat fee

February 5, 2007


by ben curtis While they are busy building enough new flats around Madrid to house the remaining few young professionals that still haven’t fled to the city from the economically depressed provinces, there are a remarkable number of empty flats here in the centre of the city. Half the shutters in the 6 floor building […]