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Naples: Living on the Edge

September 1, 2006


ischia tax.jpg

tracie b. currently reports from Ischia

See, there was a taxi today. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe, just maybe, he didn't realize that the nerve he was dancing on was my last one. It had been worn bare in the past few days by other Italians and was connecting my tact and patience to my mental health by just one skimpy thread.

Madrid: The Meaning of Hard Rock Hotel

August 30, 2006


by almendro “It’s going to be a 24-7, three-dimensional experience,” said Trevor Horwell, chief hotels officer for Hard Rock International. “You’re going to have moods happening within the rooms, vibes going on within the restaurant and another vibe in the bar.” Vibes within vibes. Just the thing for a hotel that used to house bullfighters […]

Reykjavik: Taco Hell

August 24, 2006


taco bell.jpg by jared bibler 

My Einarsenesque coworker Árni today asked me how I felt about Taco Bell coming to Iceland. I hadn't heard this news, but apparently the KFC in Hafnarfjörður is gonna be split into one of the standard-issue joint-KFC-Taco-Bell joints so commonplace in America.

Madrid: Mean Streets

August 22, 2006


by almendro For years, it seemed, Madrid’s street performers were confined to your run-of-the-mill accordionists and wistful travelling Germans strumming out slightly off-key Beatles songs. But now, every summer seems to bring a new addition. First it was the Thai massage people, who would congregate at the Plazas del Oriente and Mayor and corral weary […]

Copenhagen: Praying for a Cloudburst

August 21, 2006



by sabine behrman

Climatic changes happen in Greenland - or so the Danes think. That is why Connie Hedegaard, minister for the environment, this week will take a group of international politicians - among them US senator John Mc Cain - on a guided tour to the world's biggest island. She hopes that this will serve as an eye-opener to these decision makers (but since senator McCain won't be US president before 2009 - if ever - this is all very slow going, and quite likely not the brightest strategy).

Amsterdam: Super Nuns

August 10, 2006


While the world is busy with “Superman Returns“, Amsterdam apparently is blessed with another super species, the Uebernun. Europe blogger, Move to Europe, reports on Amsterdam’s criminals chasing nuns: On Saturday the 23rd of July, two nuns in habits on bikes chased a thief through the southern part of Amsterdam. One of the two had […]

Stockholm: Ten Things You Should Know About Working in Sweden

August 9, 2006



by schlockholm - the stockholm blog

If you’re new to Sweden, about to start a job in Stockholm, or thinking of heading this way, here are:
Ten Things to You Should Know About Working in Sweden:

1. Be prepared to drink coffee and eat cake between 9-10.

2.  Eat lunch between 12-13.

3. Work like crazy between 10-12.

Zurich: Shall We Talk About the Weather?

August 9, 2006


limmat swimmers.jpgby julie galante 

After living through the hottest July EVER in Zurich (since they started keeping records 140 years ago), I have been rewarded with chilly, rainy fall weather since the start of August.

Unlike many people here (those who actually like summer), I’m not complaining. It’s so nice to be able to leave the house between 11 and 5 without being attacked by oppressive sun and heat. It’s wonderful to be able to do light housework without sweating. And it’s downright fabulous to be able to walk through the grocery store without smelling the horrendous b.o. of your fellow shoppers (that used to linger in the aisles long after the offending shopper was gone).

Copenhagen: Personal Space

August 7, 2006


personal space.jpg 

by sabine behrmann
For the majority of Danes the summer holidays are over. They have returned from the beaches around the world and faced something they usually aren't aware of: the rudeness of their fellow countrymen.

Shopkeepers had been complaining about it earlier this year. And the head of the Danish University of Education, Lars Henrik Schmidt, has even written a book about it, concentrating on Danes experience of anger. One of the points he is making is that Danes have to deal with many more strangers today than they are comfortable with and this makes it difficult for them to keep their countenance, partly because they do not know how to do it.

Stockholm: Extreme Makeover for City Busses

August 3, 2006



by schlockholm - the stockholm blog 

So this is how Stockholm’s buses might well look in the future! 

Well, that’s if the bus boffins have their way. Today sees the publication of “European Bus of the Future” in Brussels.

This is the result of a five-year in-depth reflection on bus functionalities led by a European think tank composed of eight major operators and organising authorities from five European countries, including Connex, who have the, er, privilege of running Stockholm’s bus service.