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Vienna: Life as a Refugee

September 22, 2006



More than 35 million people on the planet are trying to escape war, violence or repression.

The exhibition "Life on the Run" shows in 10 tents what daily life in refugee camps looks like and how "Ärzte ohne Grenzen" (Médecins Sans Frontières) helps.

Refugee Exhibiton. (Ärzte ohne Grenzen)

Vienna: Debating Speed Limits

August 23, 2006


2006: 160 km/h in Austria?

Germany's biggest asset seems to be the non-existent speed limit on the motorways. I have to admit that I like going 200 km/h when appropriate and usually put a rock on the gaspedal as soon as I cross the border.

Without cruise control speed limits are tiring. Austria now discusses to raise the speed limit on motorways from 130 to 160 km/h. This would be a milestone in traffic politics.

Vienna: Bush in Town

June 21, 2006



While my Latvian acquaintance* was late half an hour in the morning yesterday due to three bomb mocks in Vienna and on the Airport highway I just had to wait ages for my streetcar at night.

Ms. retailtherapista and I hung out on the Adria Wien beach at the Donaukanal and watched police buzzing around and closing the streets from our sun chairs.

Donaukanal. (novala)

Vienna: Segway City Cruising

May 18, 2006


by novala’s europa   I spotted these people at the Heldenplatz in Vienna. Is this a new trend in tourism? Apparently, it is a new trend:By SEGWAY through Vienna Guided Tours with the Human Transporter Wien Info [English]

Vienna: Balkan Fever 2006 Report

May 5, 2006


by novala's europa 

There were two departments nobody ever took me into consideration for. For reasons.
► Music reviews: "What music did they play? Who was the composer? WHAT? You don't know??!!" "Well, it was great. I liked it!"

So what can I to tell you about the opening of the Balkanfever-Festival 2006 in the Szene Wien in Vienna except: "It was great. I liked it!"

Adrian Gaspar Orchestra. (novala)

The average age of the members of the Adrian Gaspar Orchestra is 16,75. They were brilliant. They loved being on stage, they obviously had great fun playing their own music - a mixture of legendary Roma traditional songs, jazz, Big Band sounds and classical elements - and they are exceptional musicians.

Vienna: Eat like the Viennese

April 26, 2006



by florian brody

Everyone knows Vienna for its cuisine – the meat and the warm deserts (Mehlspeisen) – the eclectic mixture of Eastern and West European dishes emerging from the days when Vienna was the capital of the biggest country in the World and now just that little bit more geared to what we consider healthy these days – i.e. even someone from California is willing to consider it.

Countless are the possibilities from the tourist trap to the corner Beisl in a part of Vienna you may never end up unless you truly search for the “original”, to the well designed, expensive and well designed and/or insider place. Only you don’t have time to try every single one – what to do?

Vienna: Church co-opts advertising

April 18, 2006


by novala’s europa   We have already seen strange church ads in Vienna-Marihilf. But this seems to be the latest clerical trend: I took the picture of this ad in Vienna-Hütteldorf. It says "Cloisters and monasteries: Official sponsor of retreat and meditation." Signed by "the catholic orders.". Herrgott noch einmal" is equivalent to the […]