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wall street journal

For a blog about a variety of cities that also features good writing, go to, a stylish site that’s about life in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen and other European cities, with amusing items such as a story about the opening of a roller-skating disco in London and a helpful weekly listing of cultural events with ticket information and links to organizers’ Web sites.


…Rather than belabor the whole description thing, I’ll simply reproduce the elegant summary on Shortcut: Then boil naked in the sauna. Get out, jump into pool, which — since it’s in a tub submerged in the Spree — is bloody fucking cold… berlin the-bathing-ship

…urban blog Shortcut reports that Danish State Railways is moving forward with plans to ban smoking in first-class compartments. how to smoke on Danish trains


…This is huge turn-around from the hotel of the 1980s and 90s. Reports Shortcut:

I spent my first night in [a pension] in Madrid, back in the early 1980s…The rooms were dark, the owners severe, and the “private bath” turned out to be a raised platform with a drain, located right in the middle of the room. I took one shower, flooded the place, and was forced to flee in shame… Madrid_Hotel_Scene

budget travel online

Shortcut: cultural city guides to various European capitals, including Paris, Berlin, London, and more. travel blogs international destinations

noised fisk

For those of you who, like us, think of leaving their home country (even though, as far as I’m concerned, I’m not sure whether this is a serious plan, a dream, a fantasy or something even more unreal), you should read Shortcut, a “European city blog” with posts in English about the cultural life in most of the European capitals or big cities, such as London, Athens, Milano or (even more interesting for Noisedfisk readers) Reykjavik, Stockholm or Copenhagen.

noised fisk: A European City Blog

the guardian

The verdict: Don’t overdo it. Use podcasts for background and blogs to help hunt down a few places to go. But leave enough space to discover things while you’re there. (…) Blogs and pods: (…)

the guardian:travel cities


It’s time to talk about the blog of the month. This time we’ve selected Shortcut, a collaborative European blog. Shortcut is a fantastic way to learn things about European countries with each new post.

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