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Editor: Vanessa Fabiano

Vanessa has lived in a number of cities, including New York, Shanghai and Beijing, but she’s now settling in orderly, well-behaved Copenhagen. She’s worked in media and advertising and besides running Shortcut, she is board member of a dance company and is writing her first book. To read more visit or go directly to her fiction site vstories.

Current & Past Contributors

Berlin: Michael Scott Moore

Michael is a novelist from California who moved to Berlin after he got sick of all the sunshine and pleasant weather. He’s lived in Los Angeles, Munich, Boston, and (most recently) San Francisco, where he worked for several years as a theater critic. His first novel, Too Much of Nothing, came out in 2003; the following year he went to Indonesia to research a new novel and write a travelogue. He carries two passports, speaks 2.5 languages, and runs a website called radio free mike. Oh, and he’s never made a film about President Bush. Don’t even joke with him about it.

Athens: Melinda Elliott

Melinda, a monozygotic twin of Canadian origin, has been determined to turn the world right side up since her feet-first arrival into it 39 years ago. She left her advertising job in Atlantic Canada to take up residence in the cradle of Western civilization. With a deep appreciation for process, technology and justice, Melinda spends her days raising her 12-year-old child prodigy and working alongside her husband managing their home entertainment stores. At night, Melinda can be found blogging about all things Grecian, reading bedtime stories from the Economist and hosting salon-style conversations in her living room. She prefers a nomadic lifestyle but historic interludes and cultural pursuits in her adopted country keep her in Athens. (Her husband enjoys the blissful solitude afforded by her many social activities).

Amsterdam: Katie Lips

Katie is a Creative Technologist working with mobile and Co-Founder of Kisky Netmedia, a creative ideas company. She lives in Amsterdam although from England so she’s currently learning Dutch. She lives with her boyfriend Paul, they have no pets, although she’s secretly hoping for a pretty little dog to carry about in her handbag.

Lisboa: Claudia Dias

Claudia Dias is a native of Lisbon (pronounced Leesh-boa). She maintains a weblog O Mundo de Claudia, focused on Arts and Culture, where she can explore her love for books, for knowledge, for the curious and the startling. She also loves to write about the peculiarities of Portuguese culture – of the inexpressible Saudade, of Lusitanian fatalism, of the intrinsic beauty of a culture of contradictions, of the unique sense of both Landscape and Time, what the Portuguese writer Miguel Esteves Cardoso referred to as “..numa obra que se vai construindo sob uma arquitectura de demolição.”
She loves to read and to travel and the ideal vacation would be an agile combination of both. Add to this recipe – the glow of a warm sun, the delights of simple food and complex wine, the antics of an interesting companion – and the result is bliss.

Cartoons: Kay Xander Mellish

Xander Mellish grew up in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and has since lived in New York City, Berlin, Hong Kong and Copenhagen, Denmark. You can see her work in its original format at

IT: Alexander Aghassipour

Alexander was born and raised in Copenhagen. Formerly an engineer, he helped define the internet era as co-founder of web company “araneum”. Starting with nothing, Alexander and his partner soon ran a 100 employee organization. After eight years, the start up was sold and Alexander is now consulting freelance with international and Danish companies. When he’s not programming or dispensing IT advice, he launches new business ideas, travels to Zanzibar or chills out with a good book.

Site logo: Johanna Erla

johanna hails from iceland, but currently lives in milan, where she is studying interior design at IED (Istituto Europeo di Design). She graciously agreed to design a logo for shortcut, despite her busy schedule and you can view the results throughout the site. if you like what you see and for any design requests, here’s how you can contact johanna:

Copenhagen: Sabine Behrmann and Tim Anderson

Reykjavik: Jared Bibler

London: Anglofille

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